Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I see Svet's already taken the wind out of my sails, as waterborne dragons are wont to do. Nevertheless, from my cozy little crevice in Mount Hood to yours: greetings, welcome, and, as my number-one comrade has so eloquently put, hi there.

For those of you not living in a cave -- and I suspect there are still many of you -- I am Phenoix, resident Eastern-descendant dragon of the Two Timid Dragons web-log. Like my pear-shaped partner, I have cut back on townsfolk and livestock in favor of modern media-based consumables: good videogames, bad movies, pulpy books, and so on. Such things are easy to obtain; a few daring locals have taken to conquering the slopes on this side of the mountain, and those who fail along the way make for particularly easy prey. I am of course referring to preying on their wallets, and sometimes a thing or two for my hoard.

Oh, and sorry about your snowboard. You know who you are.

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